Coast – Day 4: Steart Marshes to Burton

View of HPC from Steart Marshes
11 miles
5 - 7 hours
Event type
Walk type
Date & time
Wednesday, 25th September
£6 - 9
Venue & Location
Steart to Burton

This is a fantastic opportunity to join walkers on the 80 Miles in Eight Days Challenge for part of their walk.

On day four we continue through the WWT site on the King Charles III England Coast Path, this time taking in the wilder ocean side of the peninsula. Ahead of us the construction site for Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is clearly visible, with the cranes creating a new horizon for the area.

Leaving the main nature reserve area we enter an area of common land, passing first Wall Common and then Catsford Common as we make our way to the village of Stolford with its raised storm bank protecting old shoreside cottages.

On reaching Hinkley Point our route takes us inland avoiding the Hinkley Point site. This area is full of folklore and we pass Wick Barrow a Neolithic burial mound, also known as Pixie’s Mound after a farmer repaired a pixie’s paddle thinking it was a child’s toy, and was rewarded with a freshly baked pixie cake!

Continuing in land we reach the pretty village of Shurton (worth a wander if yu have time after the day’s walk) and head to Burton Springs to end the day.

Along the entire Challenge route there are stamping stations for the Somerset & Exmoor Coast Trail Passport with maps, diary pages and spaces to collect stamps on your walk.

Look out for events, offers and promotions at the location of the walk each day, some of our supporters are timing activities to make your trip as enjoyable as possible with special treats such as packed lunches or cream teas available at the start or end of your day’s walking.

Due to the challenge nature for some participants of this walk, we have made the decision not to accept dogs on the walk.

Full details of the itinerary and walk leaders will be distributed prior to the start of the challenge.


We meet at the end point of your day’s walking at 9am, where there will be parking available. Here you will be joined by Walk Leaders and back-markers and driven to the start of the day’s trail to walk back to your car / transport.

At the start location walkers opting not to use our transport may join and, following a briefing for the day, the walk will begin.

Where public transport is available at start and / or end locations it is shown below as PTS (public transport available at the start) or PTE (public transport available at the end), this is based on services running as normal for the time of year.

Further information will be included in the walk information pack sent out before the walks.

Day 4 – Steart Marshes to Burton (Moderate)


Day 4 on the King Charles III England Coast Path is on terrain that would be considered easy (flat with no stiles), however we have classed it as moderate given the distance to be walked.

Get in touch with the organiser for more information


01823 359795


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