Studio 1 East Quay: Open Studios

Date & time
16th September to 1st October
Venue & Location
Studio 1, East Quay, Watchet.

Using traditionally made gesso as a base I build layers/ sand/ rebuild/ sand and so on creating an archeological “ landscape” of time passing.
This year I’ll be showing drawings (on gesso) and Lino prints based on the seismic shifts taking place in the natural world.

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This event is part of Somerset Open Studios 2023, a countywide event taking place 16th September to 1st October, during which nearly 300 artists are opening their workplaces to visitors.

Full details about the event and participating artists can be found on the Somerset Open Studios website, with directions to events and a link to download the SAW App.

Get in touch with the organiser for more information



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