Explore our themed itineraries for the Somerset & Exmoor Coast

Somerset cider
Fresh local produce

Visit one of the friendly, family run farm shops dotted all the way along the coast for a unique shopping experience.  Stock up on the freshest, locally sourced food perfect for a picnic or gifts for friends and family. 

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Coastal specialties - Oatley Vineyard
A taste of the coast

Ten Coastal Specialities – Cupcakes, Ice cream, Oysters, Apple Juice, Gin, Wine, Cider, Coffee and More! We have curated a some of the best local delicacies, many award winning, to make it easy for you.

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Unique Beach Experiences - Brean
Feel great on the coast

Studies have shown that being near the coast is good for you, so we’ve created nine unique beach experiences; from picnics to photography and shipwrecks to sand sculpture.

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